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Well child visits are essential to ensure a child’s ongoing health and monitor the child’s growth and development. Dr. Jose Veras Pola of Sunnyside Pediatrics offers well child visits to patients in Metairie, Louisiana. This service is available to children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. Parents can schedule a well child visit by contacting the office.

Well Child Visit Q & A

What is a Well Child Visit?

The purpose of a well child visit is to confirm that a child is growing and developing properly. Dr. Veras Pola will also look for signs of undiagnosed health problems during each well child visit.

What Happens During a Well Child Visit?

During a well child visit, Dr. Veras Pola’s staff will begin by checking the patient’s vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, height, and weight. Dr. Veras Pola will then examine the patient thoroughly. During this exam, he will palpate the patient’s abdomen, listen to their lungs and heart, and ask questions about any symptoms the patient is experiencing. He may also administer a hearing and/or vision test at this time.

If the child is due for specific immunizations, Dr. Veras Pola may administer them during a well child visit. He will also take the time to discuss the child’s growth and development with the parents and answer any questions they may have. If he has identified any problems with the child’s development, he may recommend further testing and/or treatment options.

How Often are Well Child Visits Necessary?

Most children will need a well child visit once each year. However, in the first 2 years of life, the child may need to visit Dr. Pola more often. He can provide parents with the appropriate well child visit schedule for their child.

How Much Does a Well Child Visit Cost?

The cost of a well child visit can vary. Many insurance companies consider well child visits preventive care, and all costs will be covered. However, some patients may need to pay a portion of the expenses out-of-pocket. Parents who are concerned about the cost of a well child visit should contact Sunnyside Pediatrics for a quote.

Can Children Get Medication Refills at a Well Child Visit?

If a child is on medication, Dr. Veras Pola will discuss the child’s reaction to the medication during a well child visit. He may also provide a refill if the child is responding well. If the child isn’t tolerating the medication well, Dr. Veras Pola may recommend an alternative. If new issues are discovered during a well child visit, Dr. Veras Pola may prescribe a new medication.

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Sunnyside Pediatrics works with most major insurance carriers. If you don't see your insurance listed, or have any questions, please call our office and one of our knowledgable staff members will be happy to help.

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