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When a child enters school for the first time, graduates to a new school, or plans to participate in extracurricular activities, a school physical may be necessary. Dr. Jose Veras Pola offers school physicals to children in Metairie, Louisiana. To schedule this service, parents of patients should contact Sunnyside Pediatrics.

School Physicals Q & A

What is a Physical?

A physical exam is similar to an annual checkup. The purpose of this exam is to ensure that the child is physically healthy and able to participate in school activities, such as gym or sports.

What Happens During a Physical?

During a physical, Dr. Veras Pola will ask questions about the patient’s medical history, including any pre-existing conditions, past injuries, or past surgeries. Dr. Veras Pola will also ask about the patient’s medications, family medical history, and any symptoms the patient has had in the past.. Depending on the age of the child, the parents may answer some of these questions.

In addition to collecting information about the patient’s medical history, Dr. Veras Pola will also measure the patient’s height, blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. He will listen to the patient’s heart and lungs, palpate the belly, look inside the ears, and check the patient’s eyesight. Finally, Dr. Veras Pola will make sure that the child is up-to-date on all of their required immunizations.

At the end of the appointment, patients or their parents will usually receive a form that they can return to the patient’s school.

Are School Physicals Painful?

No part of a typical school physical is painful for the patient. However, some patients may need to receive immunizations during their appointment, which can cause temporary discomfort.

What if Dr. Veras Pola Finds a Problem?

If Dr. Veras Pola suspects a problem during a school physical, he may recommend further testing, such as blood work or imaging studies. Depending on the outcome of these tests, Dr. Veras Pola may recommend certain activity restrictions for the patient. He may also recommend various treatment options to help the patient improve their physical condition.

When Should Parents Schedule a School Physical?

In some cases, schools may require a physical to be completed within a certain amount of time before the start of school. Parents should schedule physicals as early as possible while still complying with the school’s timing requirements. If parents wait too long to schedule a child’s school physical, it may be difficult or impossible to get an appointment before the school’s deadline.

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